33 Life lessons I learned before turning 33


1. The saying that time is Gold is not a joke, take advantage of it and use it wisely. By wisely I meant use it to make your life better and the life of the people you love as well.

2. Before buying something ask yourself if you need it or if you just want it and most especially if you have time to use it. Hard to admit it but all of us are bounded by time and sometimes work can be a pain but yeah we bargain first with time so make it your friend.

3. Make friends with your body. By this I mean always strive to be healthy. When I had my gout when I became 30 years old I almost couldn’t believe it. But looking back I realize that your body can only take as much. I’ve used it to an extent that I almost destroyed it. Eat healthy but have a single cheat day where you splurge on what you are craving for. Work out in the gym but don’t strive to be good looking strive to be strong, beauty comes after.

4. “Be skeptic of your own skepticism” something that I would really value as I search for my own faith deeply.

5. Give back to the ones who need it not to the ones who will squander it.

6. Follow this: “Once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work, you have to fall in love with your work, never complain about your job, you’ll need to dedicate your life to mastering your skill is, which is the secret to the success, the key is to be deemed worthy.– Jiro Ono

7. In everything always give thanks!

8. Heard this from the husband of our wedding godmother “Life is not about longevity, it’s about a life that is well lived”

9. Watch good movies, because it will open you up to new cultures and great ideas.

10. Eat good food but only eat the ones that will not hurt your body. eat in moderation i say.

11. Make time for your family.

12. Learn to forgive, but also learn never to forget. You see a lot of people believe that when you forgive a person you should then just forget what that person did. I totally disagree with that way of thinking. By not forgetting you set boundaries of trust, boundaries of opening your heart to people. It is the only way one can learn, because what’s the use of a life lesson if you will just forget about it right?

13. Strive to be happy, happiness is a feeling and it is something that everyone is looking for but it is also a choice. Being that happiness is an idea there should also be a limit to an idea. There should also be a limit to finding happiness. I raise this issue because a lot of people are looking for happiness in their lives, not knowing that there is a thin line between contentment and happiness.
it is really blurry but I ascribe to the song of dave matthews that says: “what I want is what I don’t have, but what I need is all around me”. Notice how many people are unhappy because they want to have something that is either 1. they don’t work for and 2. they don’t accept the fact that they can’t have it. Which brings us to the next life lesson.

14. Good things come to him who waits… No scratch that word out, good things come to him who WORKS HARD. Think about this: “We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.” – Archilochus, Greek Soldier, Poet, c. 650 BC need I say more?

15. Try to read as many books as you can, no matter how silly it is (and sometimes as silly as reading twilight but that’s just me) but always for the benefit of improving yourself.

16. Love nature, try to plant a tree every year and you will be amazed on how much trees you’ve left this world when you die.

17. Try to write a song even if you don’t know how.

18. Dance every now and then, even when you’re alone. Believe me it works wonders.

19. Go to the gym, but don’t waste your time doing it, train there and develop your muscles. Try to attain your best form while you’re young.

20. Get lots of vegetable juice.

21. Throw the things you don’t need anymore. Yes it really is hard to let go but honestly you are not just letting go of your past but you are also opening up to a better future. (I think I might have one of those disorders just like the hoarders on Bio channel.)

22. Write a novel. (I should’ve finished mine by now its just that life and payable dues get in the way darn it)

23. Never be a slave to technology, use it as a tool to improve your life and not as a social status. In the end it’s not about how trendy you are but its about how long you’ll be able to use it to your advantage.

24. Drink lots of water. You will thank me soon enough for this.

25. You will grow old very soon, and it’s best that you grow old with someone you love and you are willing to take care of.

26. Ask about your family history, you’ll be surprised to know how close you guys really are especially in the future diseases you will expect. Hehehe

27. Pray. A Lot.

28. If you are an Un-believer then try to be a believer for once.

29. Have a yearly overall body check up. Dentist’s included.

31. Write your thoughts every now and then, you’ll be surprised on how much you forget 20 years from now.

32. Invest in a good bed, as rest is the best investment other than money.

33. Never let a single failure let you down, because in perspective all of us are failures to begin with.

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