Being An SEO In The Philippines

What does it take to be an SEO In The Philippines??

One, clients will continually ask you about how good your english is, second they will give you a long list of questionnaire about how much you know about SEO and lastly ask for a rate which they expect to be lower than the average SEO outside of the country.

You see it’s all ok, clients come and go and sometimes you can’t blame them if they are more than paranoid to begin with when it comes to the person handling their website.

There are lots of SEO’s and unfortunately in the Philippines too that says they are SEO specialists yet don’t know the basics of SEO. And yes most of them have bad English which is really bad for business.

Don’t get me wrong I was just lucky having to learn SEO for a long time after having been offered a measly sum for graveyard shift way back 2004.

My intuition was right and despite all those sleepless nights and a drop of weight from 150 to 140 and lower and having no sleep while almost looking like a vampire earned me quite some knowledge about SEO.

After all that, I am more than thankful having this as my next step as a career path.

And good to hear most of my clients are more than happy for my services so help me God! hehehe

So what is happening in the Philippine SEO scene nowadays?

A lot has happened and I could say that lots and lots of clients have decided to tap the intelligence and talent of Filipinos in having a direct competitor like India (for example) in terms of internet marketing.

According to my sources the Philippines is still the chosen destination of SEO companies to outsource their SEO work and yes its opening avenues of opportunities to lots of Filipinos nationwide.

My take on this is that eventually it will take over the call center industry which by its own accord is really not helpful in terms of mortality rate and I’m talking about having longer living Filipinos working for them.

Eventually all the years of sleeping late and having to work night shifts will get into their nerves and their health (not to mention their families and criminals that prowls at night).

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