Does your business rely on easy keywords for SEO 2021

How would you like to completely dominate your niche?  Sounds like a question typical SEO spammers would pose on their ads, right?  But it may be possible for some “easy keywords.”

Let’s skip all the background and blabber and show you some results first.

How long did this SEo take?

Admit it, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t hate ranking in the top 6 for 9 of your top 11 keywords, right?  So how long did this SEO take and how much did this client invest in the process?  When we started the process, this client wasn’t in the top 200 for ANY of her keywords.  So how long do you think?  A year?  6 months?  3 months?

6 days.

(I’ll wait while you close your mouth and get a napkin for that drool.)

Ok, so that’s not the WHOLE process – but we worked on the site behind closed doors for a week.  3 days after release we took one set of rankings.  They were rankings from 6-20 mostly.  Take our current ranking and go the other way – “wedding planner in upstate SC” went from 9 to 3 (2nd in the local block.)  3 days later, these were the updates.  My client has become one of *the* main players in her niche (Greenville wedding planners) in under a week..

Arent these easy keywords?

Yes, somewhat.  That’s what we’re talking about today – ranking on SEO for easy keywords.  Yet these keywords should be almost as hard to rank as “Greenville wedding photographer” which I’ve had a friend struggling to crack for years.

Here’s the chart:

As points of comparison, Greenville wedding photographer has much, much higher competition and ranks 40, the same as “wedding planner in south carolina”  On the other hand, a national niche like “credit card debt” ranks a stunning 70.  The term “SEO” has a keyword difficulty score of 87.  Imagine my joy.

Pop this one open and consider this – my client is #7.  She has the lowest DA and below average PA. This is a new “theme” not a new domain – we are not seeing the results of a new site & freshness bonus.  The site has had content for awhile.  Our theory is that the variety of DA and PA is on purpose (by Google.)  Have you noticed that most searches, even the most competitive, showcase one or two sites with low statistics but good on-page SEO?

Remember how competitive SEO is?  Well, “Melbourne SEO” is very competitive as well.  Yet this company is #2, very high on page 1.  Their Domain Authority is 14, Page Authority 28, with … 14 links?  This site is clearly an exact match domain so we would think they wouldn’t necessarily rank as high.  Google is obviously happy to give some newer/younger/less authority sites a chance to be seen.  Sometimes stats lie (I’m currently writing a post for SEOMoz on why so I won’t get into it here.)  But check these stats for a page one result:

Can you improve my small business SEO this fast?

We would love to try!  These results are not typical of most of our clients. We generally work on keywords in the difficulty range of 40-60, as most small businesses fall in there somewhere.  Small business SEO is sometimes fast and easy, sometimes much more challenging.  If your niche is less challenging than a 30-35 keyword difficulty, chances are we can rank you *very* quickly for your main keywords.

If you are a small business in a small niche, we would love to give you our best shot at a quick ranking improvement.  We are specifically looking to work with local businesses: gardners and lawn mowing, florists, DJs and musicians, bands, wedding limo services, tour operators, or any “micro businesses” on this About list.

Are you the best dog walker in Melbourne?  Email us today and get started on quickly improving your “easy keywords” and get High on SEO.

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