Noel Cabangon Weighs In On Martial Law Mis-Education In Social Media

I recently sent emails to known individuals who struggled at the time of martial law using Fb as a medium. So far with all the people I sent my email to Sir Noel Cabangon was very nice to answer my queries the email is below:

Note: I use my wife’s last name when I use my facebook as I believe that it is about time we use our spouse’s last name.

Hello Sir,

My name is Floyd Gumpal Gonda and I am the owner of the website I would like to inquire if you could answer a few of my questions that I can publish on my website.
I published a number of articles on the victims of martial law as a way of helping the future generation understand the importance of looking back at those dark times in our history.

I certainly hope that my advocacy might be of interest to you.

Recently a number of pages have appeared in Facebook idolizing the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, being a victim of martial law how do you feel about this?

There are debates with regards to including the experience of the country under martial law in our
schools, others decry impartiality and targeting only the marcos administration while others believe that it is important what do you think about this?

A lot of youth of today are thinking about the lack of ‘credible’ sources on martial law, what are your thoughts on this?
Again thank you very much for your time.

His Reply:

That it didn’t happen? Or it was 20 good years? I think those who are saying lack of credible sources are the ones lacking in credibility. They should go to the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon Ave. and look at the names of the people carved on the memorial wall. Their statement is unjust and unfair to those who have given up their lives just to fight against the tyrant dictator and restore democracy. Are those people who suffered and survived torture, rape and other human rights violation not enough proof?

Students should know how to make a research before even saying that their is no basis and we are only attacking the Marcoses. That’s 20 years under martial law!

We’re not just attacking them for the sake of attacking their family and personhood. They have done so much harm for this country and the generations including you. Do you think that corruption only came into existence after Martial Law? They reinforced corruption and patronage politics. Kaya hindi na natin maalis-alis yang dynasty na yan. Most of them were Marcos cronies. They benefited during the reign of the Marcoses.

I was 9 years old when Marcos declared Martial Law. I come from a small and modest town in La Union and I witnessed the heavy presence of military at that time. We were told not to say anything against the gov’t. or the Marcoses. Maybe you should ask Ariel Oreta.

Documents and evidences are available to show proof that it did happen. The survivors and their testimonies are more than enough proof. What more proof do you need?

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