On Forming The National Bloggers Association

There’s’ been a buzz around the net regarding the formation of the National Bloggers Association.

Some of it, while others are opposed to it.

Honestly I don’t see the point of debate.

The way I see it, there are two types of bloggers.

1. People who blog because they want to.
2. People who blog because they have to.

While certain points of contentions were raised, ranging from the logical to the most ridiculous.

I can’t fail to note the experience I had when I proposed the idea of creating an SEO/SEM group for the Philippines. (Though I may not be the first one to do so)

I offered this intention to one of the senior SEO/SEM members of the group and the next thing he was telling me was “What do we need an SEO/SEM group for?” followed by a diatribe of anti-seo/sem-group-no-use-whatsoever. I tried to reason with him but it was just like talking to a hardcore-leftist who can’t recognize fact from fiction. And the irony of it is we were all there because he will be teaching his techniques on SEO/SEM and like giddy high-school-girls we were all huddled around him hanging onto every word he was saying.

So I shut up, I figured there’s no use arguing, yet I still have high hopes that if ever he reads this he might be able to change his thoughts on the matter.

It is beneficial to have an SEO/SEM group because of the following:

1. Credibility to the practitioner of SEO/SEM – imagine the vast number of foreign and local clients looking for “credible” and “reliable” Filipino SEO/SEM only to find someone who’s not credible ergo wasting the time, resources and opportunity granted by the client plus the blemishing of the Filipino Brand. Let’s admit it we are in the SEO/SEM field because in one way or the other we want to sell our services.

2. So we’ve mentioned credibility which translates to accreditation, this time working in groups can enhance education, being able to buy SEO Tools, Online SEO Updates from SEOmoz, webinars, word tracker and other paid SEO services is cheaper in a group. This is a major advantage because not only are we going to be able to heighten our own SEO/SEM’s awareness in the world market but we are actually leveling the playing field between us and our foreign competitors.

3. Fair and Justifiable Remuneration – being an SEO/SEM is a hard job, not only are we trying to understand the search engines but we are also trying to be well compensated for those efforts. Being able to earn a fair amount of training, accreditation, and experience are such that it demands a governing body to determine and set the standards for such. It alarms me that a number of BPO companies are not paying their SEO/SEM’s well, when they can earn this from other clients and themselves.

4. Branding and Marketing Leverage – It is not only about working for other people but also working for themselves, SEO/SEM provides the practitioner the chance to earn for himself, may it be thru adsense or affiliate marketing, also helping these people and creating an SEO/SEM group will benefit everyone as local advertisers will be able to recognize the potential for advertising growth. When you are an SEO/SEM you are basically branding yourself and having a team that is ready to accept projects from San Miguel, Globe or Smart is not a joke.

5. Hope for the young ones and legacy -I remember the trip I took to Pinatubo, the whole trip was run by a Korean, in fact he monopolized it as such that everyone that comes in and out of Pinatubo pays him. He connived with the local mayor and then uses the locals to do the touring for him. It is a very sad fact that if we fail to recognize our potential as SEO/SEM practitioners the tendency is for foreigners to take advantage of that weakness and capitalize on that. Not that I have anything against foreigners but on a bigger perspective that is how we lost the Marikina shoe industry and other indigenous industries in the country. Furthermore if we do not take care of the SEO/SEM industry in our country chances are a lot of young SEO/SEM practitioners will continually be taken advantage of by their employers instead of empowering them to become independent and well paid Internet Marketers.

My hope is that in the future SEO/SEM will be one of the bread and butter of our economy and country, that we may be able to set our foot proudly not only in the world but also in the web. That it may not die a natural death, and we would be recognized as an equal SEO/SEM provider and not as a last resort link-builder.

So I think it pays to have an interest in creating a National Bloggers Association if only for the fact that these bloggers want to do something positive for the country and for its bloggers.

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